Register for the Laguna Mountain Rendezvous - Sept. 30 -Oct. 9, 2016

Club Membership

The Laguna Mountain Shooting club is a San Diego based traditional muzzle loading shooting club. Our club is based on exploring traditional muzzle loading by participating in pre-1840 living history. Being a living history organization we are involved in teaching, learning, experiencing, living and enjoying the activities associated with the Fur Trade of the early 1800’s.

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We sponsor the the Laguna Mountain Rendezvous each year. It is open to any and all who wish to attend. (Please see the rules and regulations under the ‘Rendezvous’ heading of this Webster.) Club members are involved in the planning, organizing, setting up and running this Fur Trade Rendezvous each year.

Membership Application

Club members can also participate in our Monthly camps and shooting weekends held at our Rendezvous site. The shooting weekend is usually the second weekend of the month.

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If you are interested in becoming a club member
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